Founders of the MJJ foundation: the community is growing!

The community of MJJ foundation laureates is growing – we really feel it in live meetings!

The team of the MJJ foundation shared the results and future plans at the annual meeting with the recipients of Science, Knowledge and Business grants, scholarships and investments. “We are glad that we can bring such bright people together and contribute to the creation of a successful Lithuania!”, shared Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė, Director of the MJJ foundation.


Our foundation supports

For Ukraine’s Science

MJJ foundation establishes the funds to support the Ph.D. students, Postdoc researchers and scientists from Ukraine


We provide financial support to PHDs to come to teach and do research at Lithuanian universities.


We provide financial support to study at the world’s best universities.


We provide financial support and mentoring to persons to come to start business in Lithuania.

Partners of the MJJ foundation:

Let’s build Lithuania’s future together!