Marius Jakulis Jason | Founder

After establishing a successful career in the USA, Marius moved from New York City to Vilnius in 1992 to live, work and invest in Lithuania. After more than 25 years of successful investing and doing business, Marius became one of Lithuania’s most successful investors.

Liisa Leitzinger | Founder

Liisa came to Lithuania from Finland in 1995, finished her bachelor’s studies at Vilnius University, and started an AAA family with Marius – their sons are named Artūras, Algimantas, and Antanas. She co-founded the Vilnius International School with a few colleagues, and still acts as a member of the board. She leads her public institutions Geri Namai (pet rehabilitation center and hotel), Pagalba prieglaudoms and Per Rescue Finland, helping Lithuanian animal welfare organisations.

Mindaugas Strėlis | Member of the board

Mindaugas is a partner and CEO at Taurus Wealth with more than 13 years of experience in investment banking, wealth management, and capital markets. Mindaugas leads the investment strategy of the foundation.

Antanas Jason Leitzinger | Board memeber

Antanas Jason Leitzinger, son of Marius and Liisa, joined the board of MJJ Foundation in 2022. With a background in business and finance, he oversees the fund’s investment strategy and risk management to ensure its perpetual existence and long-term strategy for creating change.



Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė | Director

After gaining international experience in Malaysia and Singapore, Kotryna returned to Lithuania in 2012 to become the head of Global Lithuanian Leaders, a network for global Lithuanian professionals. She worked on expanding this Diaspora network and attracting talents for six years, creating opportunities for them to contribute to Lithuania’s progress. Today, Kotryna aims to find talented people and use the foundation’s financial support to help them to come, work and create in Lithuania.

Marius Jakulis Jason

"I want the foundation to contribute to Lithuania's future and help people discover such opportunities to work and live in Lithuania that I had."


The ambassadors of the MJJ foundation are global Lithuanians who are experts in their fields, academics representing the world’s best universities, or businesspeople who have returned to Lithuania to work here.

Foundation news

Lawyer and investor Marius Jakulis Jason is establishing a non-profit foundation (MJJ Foundation) with an initial capital of 3.5 million euros. It is ...

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For Ukraine’s Science

MJJ foundation establishes the funds to support the Ph.D. students, Postdoc researchers and scientists from Ukraine


We provide financial support to PHDs to come to teach and do research at Lithuanian universities.


We provide financial support to study at the world’s best universities.


We provide financial support and mentoring to persons to come to start business in Lithuania.

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