Support to start a business in Lithuania

The MJJ foundation provides financial help to talented professionals and businesspeople aiming to start a business in Lithuania or come back here to do so. The priority is for business ideas that change lives for the better and makes life in Lithuania better for people. A person seeking the foundation’s support has to have enough capital or investment from another investor to match the sum being asked from the foundation. In case of the successful growth of the business, dividends or other forms of financial support upon individual agreement will be expected as a return to foundation, which will be used to expand the impact and supporting more ideas and people.

Criteria for receiving the foundation’s support:

  1. The founder has to have international experience or be educated abroad, and has to be willing to come back to start a business in Lithuania.
  2. The founder has a clear plan for expanding the business aimed to create value for Lithuania.
  3. The founder and team have enough relevant experience to expand the business.
  4. The founder is ready to collaborate with the representatives of the foundation, to share the relevant financial and other information.

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You can also apply via email (, just make sure you include answers to all the above questions.

Our foundation supports


We provide financial support to PHDs to come to teach and do research at Lithuanian universities.


We provide financial support to study at the world’s best universities.


We provide financial support and mentoring to persons to come to start business in Lithuania.

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