Scholarships for academic work in Lithuania

The MJJ foundation aims to support the academics with a PhD from a university abroad who are willing to continue their science careers in Lithuania and share their knowledge with local students. An independent jury will select the academics to pay them a monthly scholarship salary for up to two years.

MJJ foundation selection criteria:

  • At least 4 years of experience living and doing scientific work abroad, research with other countries scientists and published articles in prestigious international highly cited science magazines;
  • The candidate must live abroad, and the grant would provide the additional opportunities to return to work in Lithuania.
  • The candidate expresses a clear willingness to share the knowledge with students, lecture, create a knowledge center, contribute to cooperation between science and business, participate in seminars or write articles in the media;
  • The topic for scientist’s research is important to host university in Lithuania, it is stated in faculty recommendation;
  • The candidate is respected in the scientific community for the work achievements and values, is supporting the vision of MJJ foundation to actively contribute to the growth of Lithuania.

The candidates were evaluated by the board of MJJ foundation, with the recommendations and insights of foundation ambassadors and business representatives of respective fields. Please find the stories of researchers who received MJJ foundation grants here.


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