Knowledge and ideas from Lithuanians studying in the best universities worldwide

MJJ Foundation is starting its new project #ŽiniosLietuvai (Knowledge for Lithuania). This platform will be used for Lithuanians working and studying in the best universities around the world to share their knowledge with the the youth in Lithuania.

“In this time of uncertainty, we are trying to connect the minds of those who are studying all over the world. They will share their knowledge with all the pupils and students through video lectures. In this way, we are seeking to provide a high-quality content while all of the lessons and lectures are happening remotely,” said the Director of MJJ Foundation Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė.

During these video lectures, students of different fields, researchers and representatives will talk about which aspects of their study field or research inspires them the most and are worth sharing. 

The first lecture about the brain and sleep is presented by Emilė Radytė, who is studying neuroscience and anthropology at Harvard University. Last year Emilė, together with 24 more students with high academic achievements, were officially accepted to Harvard’s Phi Betta Kappa community – the oldest, the most prestigious and highly respected academic community in the USA.

Later we will meet Ingrida Olendraitė, a student of molecular biology and taxonomy at Cambridge University. She is also one of the establishers of the “Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM“ team, which every year participates in the biggest prestigious contest of synthetic biology in Boston, USA.

The third lecturer of the project – Povilas Kavaliauskas, who is a scientific researcher at Weill Cornell medical university. In 2011 he won a prize at the EU Contest for Young Scientists. This year he was included in the Europe’s clinical microbiology and infectious diseases congressional list “30 under 30” which announces the most talented scientists worldwide working with the research of bacterial and infectious diseases.

This year #ŽiniosLietuvai is planning 30 short and interactive lectures.

Marius Jakulis Jason foundation is created with the goal of contributing to Lithuania’s strengthening, to provide financial support for talented business creators, academics and students who want to and can contribute to Lithuania’s economic growth.

All of the #ŽiniosLietuvai lectures can be found on MJJ foundation YouTube channel.


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