Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation celebrates 1 year anniversary

„I established this foundation encouraged by my wife Liisa and inspired by the words of Andy Warhol “The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will.” After the first great year results, I believe this foundation will last and create much more value“ – said Marius Jakulis Jason, investor, and lawyer who greeted the foundation scholars gathered to commemorate the first anniversary.

One year ago, on his birthday, Marius Jakulis Jason dedicated 3.5 mln Eur of his family funds to the philanthropic foundation. He hopes that this example will inspire more successful Lithuania business people to donate.

The board of the foundation has already dedicated 410 tūks Eur for science, knowledge and business grants. 7 postdoc researchers returned from abroad and started to work at Vilnius University, KTU and VGTU. 4 students went to study their Masters to the best world universities with the promise to come back to work in Lithuania and two innovative startups founded by innovative global Lithuanian entrepreneurs received investments.

The capital of the MJJ foundation is successfully managed by Orion Securities team and growing for more exciting projects and talent attraction back to Lithuania.

Photos from the first year birthday lunch with the MJJ foundation team and some of the grant receivers can be found at Žmonė website

Our foundation supports

For Ukraine’s Science

MJJ foundation establishes the funds to support the Ph.D. students, Postdoc researchers and scientists from Ukraine


We provide financial support to PHDs to come to teach and do research at Lithuanian universities.


We provide financial support to study at the world’s best universities.


We provide financial support and mentoring to persons to come to start business in Lithuania.

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