MJJ Foundation grant winner Lukas is inspired by examples of sustainable farming on a 7,000 km bike ride

MJJ Foundation Knowledge Grant winner Lukas Paltanavičius, after completing his master’s studies, continues his travels pedaling a bicycle together with the partner at “Cycle to Farms” project. While traveling, Lukas searches for answers on how to apply better quality and sustainable changes to farms and how to reduce the effect of climate change on them.

At the beginning of last spring, L. Paltanavičius and his fellow student A. Hassann were awarded the master’s diplomas of Wageningen University & Research, the best university specializing in agricultural sciences in the world (young people from 120 countries study at this university). In May already, the young researchers decided to embark on a 7,000 km bike ride. Their mission is to reveal their experience by visiting farms in countries of different continents and countries with different economic development. Thus, they want to show in the created film by what means people are trying to prevent climate change, the desertification of the world’s soil and also how “green” farms of the future and new food chains are created. According to the hikers themselves, while studying at the University of Wageningen, they learned a lot of worrying global issues related to food security. So then, they wanted to see in practice how countries deal with these problems at the political level and through the efforts of individual enthusiasts and get inspiration. A few weeks ago, after covering over 3,000 kilometers with his partner and already reaching Egypt, Lukas presented his project and its benefits at the COP27 climate change conference in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Let’s follow Luke’s travels together, the aim of which is to bring home the established connections and the most suitable solutions for the future of European farms: www.cycletofarms.com

We also invite you to watch Luke’s interview on BBC TV.

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