The MJJ Foundation contributed to the training of Ukrainian doctors in Kaunas

20 Ukrainian doctors who came to the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) in Kaunas learned how to provide assistance in the event of injuries in military conditions. The project is supported by the MJJ Foundation and the American teaching materials needed for the courses will be purchased with the allocated funding.

Dinas Vaitkaitis, head of the Department of Extreme Medicine at LSMU, says that doctors from four Ukrainian universities – Odesa, Lviv, Bukovina and Uzhhorod – have arrived in Kaunas. They are trained in the American College of Surgeons course on Advanced Trauma Care. “This course is an international standard on how to provide assistance in the event of a particularly severe injury, how to organize the work of trauma teams and the trauma system. This is the foundation for the entire system related to injuries,” D. Vaitkaitis said on Wednesday.

LSMU has the right to conduct this course only on the territory of Lithuania, so, according to D. Vaitkaitis, it was necessary to go through the “roads of the cross” so that the Ukrainian medical group defending against the Russian invasion could come to Lithuania for a whole week. These courses were financed by the Lithuanian Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation, which enabled the purchase of American teaching materials.

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