The MJJ Foundation’s call 2022 for Postdoc researchers who want to work in Lithuania

MJJ foundation is seeking to contribute to the establishment of competitive salaries for Lithuanian PhD graduates from foreign universities who would like to continue their academic careers in Lithuania and share their knowledge with Lithuanian students.

“I am working to establish a conservation genomics research group at Vilnius University, which would attract students interested in the problems of global biodiversity loss and monitoring the genetic variation of organisms. Having studied the emergence and evolution of tropical animal and plant species for many years, I came to Lithuania with experience in phylogenomics, genome assembly and population genomics. With the team, I plan to collect data on local species to monitor the state of their genetic diversity and determine their resistance to future climate change scenarios,” shares Maria Fernanda from Columbia, who moved to Lithuania with the grant of Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation.

With this call for applications, the Foundation will continue providing grants for selected researchers in addition to the university’s salary for a period of up to two years. It is dedicated to researchers who wish to come from abroad and who will be selected by an independent experts and university representatives.

Priority areas: social, physical, biomedical, technological, veterinary sciences.

We invite candidates to submit applications by registering on the MJJ Foundation’s website:

Potential applicants:

A grant from the MJJ Foundation may be received by academics who have received their PhD abroad and wish to continue their career in Lithuania and share their expertise and knowledge with students. Academics may register themselves or be represented by the representatives of local universities.

The deadline for application – January 15th, 2023.

The participants eager to participate in this call have to start their academic activities in Lithuania in 2023-2024. The grant provided by the MJJ foundation is given for one to two years.

Evaluation of applications:

Only completed and detailed applications will be submitted for the evaluation and expert review. The expert review of applications will be carried out by bringing together relevant independent academics with specific academic expertise and university representatives.

If you have any questions about the return process or work at Lithuanian universities, please write to We kindly introduce international scientists who received grants from the MJJ foundation in 2019-2022 and are already returning to Lithuania HERE.

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