The MJJ Foundation Provides EUR 10,000 Support to Lithuanian Medics

The MJJ Foundation is allocating € 10,000 to doctors fighting COVID-19 to purchase the necessary protective equipment.

Support is provided to the successfully operating Laisvės TV Foundation “Holdon, medics”, whose team of volunteers works with hospitals all over Lithuania: collects data of what equipment is missing and quickly acquires the necessary resources from different countries of the world.

“Although the MJJ Foundation was established a year ago to provide financial support to talented business developers, academics and students who can and want to contribute to the growth of the Lithuanian economy, at this moment everyone needs to join forces and do everything to minimize the impact of the virus on our citizens and businesses. At the forefront of this fight are our medics, for whom assistance with protective equipment is now most necessary,” says Marius Jakulis Jason, founder of the MJJ Foundation.

The MJJ Foundation team invites everyone to contribute funds or volunteer to civic initiatives and foundations together to create the future of Lithuania.

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