MJJ foundation receives the donation from USA based famous biology scientist

“Every year hundreds of Lithuanian talents leave to study or do science to the best world universities or companies. Many of them would like to come back to live and work in Lithuania. Unfortunately, these expectations do not come to reality. MJJ foundation is a great example of how private initiative can successfully contribute to the return of such talents, whose experience and knowledge build stronger Lithuania. My donation to MJJ foundation is a way to show my gratitude for the recognition and state grant I received in 2014 from the Ministry of Education and Science and which I would like to dedicate to talent attraction work this foundation is doing. I hope my example will inspire others to join.”

While investing in talents who are eager to build Lithuania, it is very important for us to have your support. We are extremely grateful to well-known Lithuanian scientist Ph.D. Ramūnas Stepanauskas who became one of the initial donors for MJJ foundation. Based in USA for the last two decades, Ramūnas is a Founding Director of the Bigelow Laboratory Single Cell Genomics Center at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. The scientific articles of his team are published in many elite magazines like „Science“, „Nature“ and others. We are grateful and invite all of you to join the MJJ foundation and help bring positive changes to our country and investments to talents. If you are interested to donate to MJJ foundation and join us in supporting Lithuanian talents, please contact us at info@mjjfondas.lt.

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