The philanthropic MJJ Foundation celebrates its third birthday: EUR 1,251,000 has already been allocated for grants

On February 15, 2019, on the occasion of his birthday, lawyer, investor and philanthropist Marius Jakulis Jason announced the establishment of a non-profit foundation in his name, to which he allocated EUR 3.5 million of his family’s assets. The initial idea of this fund was to establish it only after Marius death, but encouraged by his wife Liisa, he realised he should not wait: “If a change can be made today, why wait?”. According to Marius, the decision not to wait paid off, a lot was done in a meaningful way.

During the first three years of operation, the MJJ Foundation has already allocated EUR 1,251,000 in grants to support academics, students and entrepreneurs returning to Lithuania who are able and willing to contribute to building the future of our country. 21 scientists who have returned with grants from the foundation are already teaching students and conducting research in Lithuanian universities and science valleys.

“Every year, the foundation announces a open call for applications and financial reward to the selected scientists who want to return to Lithuania to continue their research. By doubling university salaries in this way, we contribute to the competitiveness of our educational institutions and research centers by attracting the best minds. Over 600,000 EUR have already been allocated to Science grants. The experience, knowledge, and innovative research of the constantly growing research community are valuable to the university community. And in the future, if some of them create spinoffs based on their innovations, there would be a large economic added value for Lithuania,” says Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė, head of the MJJ Foundation. Last week, the foundation announced that seven talented researchers who received grants from the foundation this year are coming to Lithuania to continue scientific research and teaching from the USA, France, the UK, Colombia, Sweden, and Poland.

17 laureates have already received grants from the foundation to study Master’s programs at the world’s best universities, a total of 371 000 Eur. The head of the foundation is happy that after completing their studies abroad, everyone returns full of ideas and energy to create for Lithuania. And those who study, every few months, share the knowledge they have gained and the most interesting news in their fields in the #ŽiniosLietuvai project. In this way, personal connection is maintained, competences are developed and a community is created.

Philanthropic science and knowledge grants are provided to individuals who want to contribute to the growth of Lithuania. The foundation’s Business direction covers the investments into start-ups that create technological solutions for educational innovations, employment convenience and research-based health welfare solutions. The MJJ fund has already invested in the companies ThermoPharma,, Digiklasė and will soon announce its fourth joint investment. Over the past three years, the fund has invested EUR 180,000 in start-ups that meet the fund’s priority directions.

Last year, the MJJ Foundation together with its partners purchased the Vilnius Business College. This higher education institution was chosen because of its many years of experience, high student employability and employer evaluation index, and study programs that develop entrepreneurship. “The MJJ Foundation invests in education, science and knowledge, because I believe that this is the foundation for the prosperity of our entire country. And this strategic investment is made in higher education. This is the base that will help in the near future to realise another important ambition for the foundation – to create a leading program for preparing young professionals in hospitality business”, says philanthropist Marius Jakulis Jason.

Almost 100 thousand Eur grants were also given to important social and educational initiatives for Lithuania, such as the technological empowerment program for teachers “Vedliai”, the entrepreneurship program for schoolchildren in the regions “Class X” ( „X klasė“) developed together with Junior Achievement of Lithuania and others.

Ensuring the sustainability of the MJJ fund is entrusted to Orion Wealth and the invested capital of the fund is growing: three years ago, the initial assets of the fund dedicated by Marius Jakulis Jason grew to EUR 8.23 ​​million by December 2021.  Mindaugas Strėlis, member of the board of the MJJ Foundation and CEO of Orion Wealth, says that during the first year, the direction of the fund was refined, the work done and the investment strategy of the fund’s capital created allowed a strong basis for the sustainable operation of the organisation. “The most important thing is not to be afraid to do good deeds out loud and not to be afraid to do them today. Only by example can we inspire each other and only together can we achieve strong results”, says the manager of Orion Wealth, who, together with the board of the fund, will seek to attract other entrepreneurs and investors who believe in philanthropy to joint activities.

Marius Jakulis Jason came to live in Lithuania in 1992 shortly after regaining independence. During the years of living in Lithuania, Marius together with his partners invested and founded:

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